In this post, 3 Reasons Why You Are Afraid of Tattoo Removal we will discuss your hesitations related to laser tattoo removal why you may be purposely procrastinating! We’ll try to resolve your fears and give you the right information to make an educated decision if it’s the right choice for you!

1. Tattoo Removal Will Hurt Too Much.

You may have a friend that has undergone tattoo removal or you’ve done some research online and while investigating you’ve uncovered that tattoo removal hurts! The fact is that there can be discomfort. Now discomfort may be an understatement for some people, claiming that it could be down right painful! There is good news, everyone has a different pain tolerance. What hurts me may not hurt you. Also, different colors of a tattoo can be the cause of discomfort. Blues and greens can be the most difficult colors to remove requiring a stronger wavelength and additional sessions as a tattoo made up of black ink.

New Q-Switched lasers have cooling elements built in, there are topical creams that can be applied to reduce discomfort, local anesthetics, and ice packs to freeze the area before the laser is applied!

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2. Tattoo Removal is Expensive!

This is true. Tattoo removal is expensive. But think of the trade offs you’ll have by keeping your tattoo:

  • People will constantly ask you about it
  • Knowing it did not turn out as you thought it would
  • Its something that does not look as good as it use to
  • It could be preventing you from getting a job (fact: they are more acceptable at work, but they continue to have a sigma)
  • That old flame has their name on you and the new person does not want to see it!

Dermatologists and other laser tattoo removal specialist offer pay as you go treatments and financing through “Care Credit”. Be sure to ask your provider if they offer these services.

3. Tattoo Removal Will Leave a Scar.

Laser technology as come a long way since it was introduced for tattoo removal. The Q-Switched technology (which is the gold standard for laser tattoo removal) is proven to leave minimal scarring by the FDA. Although everyone reacts differently to lasers, it is safe to assume that the laser itself should not cause scarring. You may have discomfort post treatment, like blistering or scabbing of the tattoo, as long as you take care of the tattoo by changing the dressing, do not pop/pick at the area, and practice healthy living habits, then you should have a positive experience with laser tattoo removal!

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