According to Business Insider 50%-70% of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. A tattoo removal provider or medical spa is no different than any other business out there. When any business fails it causes a ripple effect between suppliers, vendors, and most importantly customers and patients, or YOU.

Tattoo Removal

Recently a popular tattoo removal provider in Texas went out of business, Unink Tattoo Removal.

Patients found out by calling the provider and no one picked up. A few days went by and no one ever picked up the phone again.

Yelp reviews from disgruntled customers (heck, who wouldn’t be) started to be published.

Customers that pre-purchased laser tattoo removal sessions may feel that robbed they may not be able to get their money back. Rest assured, there are some steps you can take to limit the loss after your provider goes out of business.

1. View their Linkedin Profile

I know this one may sound weird, but if your laser technician has a new employer, this may be a sign that your provider closed. Also, you may be able to message them on Linkedin and ask what they should do if they have unused sessions. Or, you could schedule with the same laser technician at their new employer, because they are already be familiar with your treatments!

2. Call a couple of their locations

This will help you determine if one location is closed or if all of them are. If one location closes, you can be re-schedule at another location.

3. Check out their web page & Yelp page.

On their web page you may see an update on the home page blog post, news article, saying they closed.

Unink did the right thing. Before closing they worked with another local tattoo removal provider to fulfil customer laser tattoo removal sessions that were purchased in a package. On their website they directed former customers to schedule future appointments at Skintastic. Kudos to them.

Visit their Yelp page. You may find that other people are in the same position as you are. Often people will post their conversations to  Yelp  so others can be informed too.

One more thing…

On a final note, Unink Tattoo Removal was DermBids first laser tattoo removal provider. Going out of business is unfortunate and sometimes unpredictable (although there may be early signs). We will continue to work with the best providers to ensure our users get the best customer experience.


Tattoo Removal

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Written by Eric Zabinski

Photo Credit: John Steele via Getty Images