The PicoSure laser used for tattoo removal is one of the hottest lasers in the market generating a lot of buzz. The laser was recently cleared by the FDA for tattoo removal and providers are drooling over the potential impact it could have for their practice. It has been deemed a marketing success, but is the PicoSure the best laser for you? Continue reading to find out.

Laser Tattoo Removal PicoSure

1. PicoSure can’t remove Red Ink

If your tattoo contains primarily red ink, you can forget about using a PicoSure laser. Lasers use specific wavelengths to target various colors in a tattoo. The PicoSure is a 755nm wavelength laser meaning it targets and removes blues/greens in tattoos very well, while not being nearly as effective on other colors.

Tip: Ask your tattoo removal provider which wavelength(s) their laser can target. Using the wrong wavelength can lead to scarring, blistering, and non-removal of a tattoo.

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Do you have a tattoo containing mostly blues and greens with a some additional colors? Then the PicoSure is a good option for you. If you have black and other colors in the tattoo,  the tattoo removal provider may use an additional, non-PicoSure laser, to target those colors specifically.

2. The Cost of PicoSure is Expensive

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Each treatment of the PicoSure laser can be 2-4 times the amount of the conventional q-switched laser.  It can also remove the laser 2-4x faster than q-switched laser. So what does that mean? What is more important to you, cost or the speed of removal?

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3. PicoSure Locations Are Hard to Find

Although the availability of the PicoSure laser is being purchased by more and more tattoo removal providers, it’s still relatively hard to find outside major metropolitan areas.  It can be found in the USA, UK, and now Australia.

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4. PicoSure Is Not Pain Free

There is a lot of buzz about how the PicoSure is suppose to be “pain free.” However, user testimonials of PicoSure say otherwise.  If you are considering tattoo, you should expect there to be some discomfort; however, your individual pain tolerance will vary.

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Written by Eric Zabinski
Photo illustration by Randall Nelson