I n this post, 6 Myths About Tattoo Removal You Should Know we debunk the most popular tattoo removal myths to set the record straight. Learn fact from fiction and know the truth about the most popular tattoo removal misconceptions.

Myth #1: Laser Tattoo Removal Will Leave a Scar

Lasers used for tattoo removal target the secondary layer of the skin. It penetrates the top layer (which contains your skin color pigment) and focuses on the tattoo removal ink only. Laser tattoo removal should not cause scaring and the likelihood of scarring is low. Scars from laser tattoo removal should not be a big concern and definitely not a deal breaker when considering treatment! Myth debunked.

[pullquote]”Alternative forms of tattoo removal” are very dangerous and is likely to cause scaring.[/pullquote]

There are other forms of tattoo removal that can cause scarring. Such as Intense Pulse Lighting or “IPL” or salabrasion or a “rub” used for tattoo removal. These techniques of tattoo removal should not be used. They don’t target the tattoo ink stored in the secondary layer of your skin, like a laser does. These “alternative forms of tattoo removal” are very dangerous and is likely to cause scaring.

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Myth #2: Tattoo Removal Creams Work

Wrecking Balm and other types of creams simply do not work. Creams may fade a tattoo at best but they won’t give you a complete removal. Creams cannot penetrate far enough to target the secondary layer of the skin to access tattoo ink. Even if it did, it’s eating your skin along with any tattoo ink. Myth is not true.

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Myth #3: Black Ink Is The Hardest to Removal

Tattoo Removal MythsFalse! Does this surprise you? There is some  science behind this answer. Black ink contained in tattoos usually have the least amount of additives (or ingredients). These additives are usually mixed into ink to make it into different colors. Tattoo ink is not regulated by the FDA and no two tattoo inks are the same. So it’s hard for lasers to remove these additives contained in colored ink.

Also, black ink (the color black in general) is absorbed by all wavelengths making it easiest to remove by. Colored tattoos can be more challenging and usually require more sessions.

Myth #4: New Tattoos Are Easier to Remove

False. Fresh tattoos need a couple of weeks to settle and let the skin heal. Older tattoos are actually a little easier to remove. This typically means less sessions as the ink has faded already.

Myth #5: Tattoos Cannot Be Removed on Dark or Black Skin

They can. Remember lasers target the ink and leave little damage to the skin. Olive or black skin may require a few more sessions, but this myth is debunked!

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Myth #6: Tattoo Removal is Not Safe

Laser tattoo removal is safe! The lasers are regulated by the FDA and thousands of people get treatments every year. When choosing a tattoo removal provider, look at Yelp reviews, BBB ratings, and the background of the doctor or laser technician. Most states do not require a doctor to operate the laser. By going to a tattoo removal clinic or medical spa you can typically save money and get great results!

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Written by Eric Zabinski
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