Getting sick: It’s no walk in the park, but it happens to just about all of us at some point. Besides the obvious physical inconvenience, it can be hard to have to stay away from work and other responsibilities in order to go to your physician and obtain medicine.

One alternative to the traditional route is using an online doctor services that allows you to be assessed, diagnosed and have medicine prescribed, all by one easy method.

Below are six steps to using online doctor services.

1) Figure Out Your Symptoms.

The primary step is to find out what you are feeling. Most sites have a list of symptoms that you can write down or check off to say in what way you are under the weather. After that, you will probably have to fill out a form that contains your medical history. These things are similar to what you would do during a typical office visit.

2) Wait to Be Contacted.

Next, you send your information in and wait. A certified doctor will take a look at what you’ve submitted. Sometimes they need to know more, so you may get a call from a nurse.

3) Lab Work Will Be Ordered (if Necessary).

There are cases in which you must have lab work done in order to rule out certain illnesses or ascertain what you’ve got. If this is the case, you can typically go someplace local to get it done quickly and easily.

4) The Physician Will Assess The Lab Work.

Once you have all of your laboratory tests completed, the doctor can get a full view of what’s happening in your body and make a final assessment. He or she will then write his or her orders down.

5) Prescriptions Will Be Recommended (If Applicable).

When it is determined that a medicine would help you best recover or manage your symptoms, the professional will contact you and ask if you want to order the recommended drugs. At this time, you will probably be asked for payment, although you may not be automatically charged.

6) You’ll Confirm Your Prescription.

Now, you should confirm your prescription (if you want it). Then, it is sent to a pharmacist for approval and dispensation. Finally, you are charged for the services/medication and your drugs should be on their way via mail.

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