T he reasons why people get a tattoo in the first place is fascinating. Whether it be a secret meaning, in memory of a significant person or you life, a symbol, a number, a phrase, or a just a way to express yourself, tattoos have a long history in human culture.

This documentary talks with people that have tattoos that they no longer like. People share why they got a tattoo and how priorities changed in their life where they no longer want their tattoo anymore.

Over 45 million Americans have tattoos. Tattoos were once thought to be permanent. Because modern advancements in laser tattoo removal technology, this is no longer the case. The mistake you made years ago (or even recently) can be removed. Tattoo removal is so effective that people won’t even realize there was ever a tattoo there in the first place! Gain your confidence back, take the next step, and reverse your regret!

Tattoo Regret