Tattoo removal is a big decision. There are questions you should ask yourself and your tattoo removal provider prior to treatment. In this post, “Considering Tattoo Removal – 12 questions to ask yourself” we get you thinking about right questions to ask to see if it’s the best choice for you.

1. Which method of tattoo removal is best for me?
There is more than one way to remove a tattoo and some techniques work better than others. Others are not recommended at all.

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2. Can my tattoo even be removed by a laser?
Lasers are effective on certain colors of ink contained in a tattoo. Black and red are easy to remove while lighter colors are more challenging. Make sure that your provider has the proper laser that targets the proper laser wavelength for your tattoo.

3. Can I afford the payments?
Laser tattoo removal usually paid per session at the time of your treatment or purchased in a package. They “pay as you go” is the most flexible while purchasing a package you are likely to get a discount on the overall price. Sometime providers will even offer financing to make it more affordable.

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4. Complete laser tattoo removal is nearly impossible. Am I ok with that?
Tattoos containing black ink produce the best results for removal. When tattoos contain more than 1 color, especially lighter color inks, individual results will vary. Although 100% removal of a tattoo should not be expected, it can be lightened significantly so that still may not be recognizable at 1st or 2nd glance!

5. Do I really need my tattoo removed or will a coverup do?
Surprise! A tattoo removal may not be for you. A cover up may produce the results that you want. Tattoo artists can turn that ex-boy/girl friend’s name into a completely new unrecognizable tattoo. However, tattoo artists may suggest a few sessions of tattoo removal for lightening.

6. How quickly do I need my tattoo removed?
Laser tattoo removal is not quick. True, each individual session only takes a couple minutes but the overall process of removal can be anywhere from 6 months (best case scenario) to multi year endeavors. Each session is schedule 4-8 weeks apart. If you want your tattoo removed quicker, consider tattoo removal excision, use the PicoSure laser, or R20 Method for tattoo removal.

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7. Will I be able to withstand the discomfort?
It’s not secret tattoo removal has a bad rap for it being painful. Does it hurt more than getting the tattoo placed on you? Probably. Is it unbearable? It can be. The discomfort depends on your individual pain tolerance and where the tattoo is located. Fortunately there are ways to reduce tattoo removal discomfort.

8. Where should I get it done?
Consider the technique that is being used for removal, cost, location,

9. How do I know I’m going to a trustworthy place?
Do your research. Look at Yelp reviews, BBB ratings, Healthgrades, RateMDs, Vitals, ect or have DermBids do it for you.

10. Are the lasers used for tattoo removal all the same? How do I compare?
First, ask if they have a laser designed specifically for tattoo removal. Second, make sure that laser contains the laser wavelengths needed to remove your tattoo ink. Ask for the manufacture name and you can read about it on their website.

11. Are they open during the days/time that’s most convenient for me?
Doctors office are harder to book. Doctors have more restricted hours/days. Medical Spas and tattoo removal clinics are more accommodating. They are more likely to have later hours and weekend hours for you to schedule your appointment.

12. Should I go to a doctor or certified laser technician for my removal?
Completely up to you. A doctor can be a general doctor that does tattoo removal or a dermatologist/plastic surgeon that does tattoo removal. Their costs are going to be significantly more money than an certified laser technician. Don’t rule certified laser technicians and/or tattoo removal clinics out though! They are likely to have more experience removing tattoos because they do it all day every day.

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Written by: Eric Zabinski

Photo Credit: Helga Weber via Flickr

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