does tattoo removal hurtIn this post, you will learn about the different ways how to reduce the pain of laser tattoo removal so that it does not hurt as much.  There are many tattoo removal options to choose from including: tattoo cover-ups, tattoo removal creams, excisions, dermabrasion, and Intense Pulse Lighting or “IPL” for tattoo removal.

Continue reading for tips on reducing the pain for laser tattoo removal.

People will always be getting tattoos and people will always be regretting them. Laser tattoo is the most effective way to remove tattoos. Statistics state 10% of Americans have tattoos, and 50% of them are looking to get them removed. Tattoo removal is expensive and sometimes painful.

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Will Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Laser tattoo removal does not always have to hurt. If I snapped a rubber-band on your arm, would you say that hurt? That is probably the best way to describe how laser tattoo removal feels on the skin. Now, most people would say the rubber-band would hurt and some would say that it would not. Everyone has a different pain threshold. Keep in mind a session of a laser tattoo removal only takes a few seconds! Even if the the laser does hurt you and your pain tolerance is low, the worst part of it will be done just before you know it!

Probably the most recognizable celebrity complaining about of the pain of laser tattoo removal is Megan Fox. She is in the process of removing the Marilyn Monroe tattoo portrait from her forearm. She complained over Twitter and late night talk shows that it was the most painful thing that she’s ever experienced. Might I remind you everyone has a different pain threshold.

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There are couple things you can do to reduce the pain of laser tattoo removal so that it won’t hurt as much.

Numbing Cream

This cream numbs the top layer of your skin. Similar when going to the dentist, they will use a topical ointment (lidocaine cream) on a q-tip and rub it on your gums. The numbing cream can cause a slight reduction in pain. That’s because the laser penetrates to the second layer of the skin, while the numbing cream is only effective on the top layer of the skin. As a result, you may not find it all that effective, but it could make your laser tattoo removal hurt less.

Lidocaine Shot

Lidocaine can be injected into the second layer “dermis” of the skin, where the ink is stored, to reduce the pain of the laser tattoo removal. It is effective and should be considered upfront while discussing the price of your laser tattoo removal as this usually and extra charge. The shot itself does not hurt that much and it will significantly reduce how much the laser tattoo removal will hurt. There are risks with lidocaine shots as they may increase the likelihood of tattoo removal scarring in some patients.

Ice Packs

The same ice packs you put on your shoulder, back, or ankle can be used to reduce tattoo removal pain. Discomfort felt from the laser tattoo removal is the ink particles breaking up into small pieces, resulting in heat. Ice is surprisingly highly effective because it numbs the nerve endings and decreases the temperature of your skin making tattoo removal tolerable.

Ask your laser technician if ice packs or “icing” is an option for you. It can also be used in combination with another pain reducer, like like lidocaine cream or shot.

Laser Tattoo Removal Didn’t Hurt for This Lady!

A beauty blogger poster her laser tattoo removal treatment session. As you can see, she experience no pain, without any lidocaine treatment! Everyone has a different pain threshold and everyone will react to the laser differently.

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I hope this post on “Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?” gives you the information you need to understand your options if you want some assistance in reducing tattoo removal discomfort, especially considering everyone reacts differently to lasers.

Tattoo Removal Hurt


Written by Eric Zabinski
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