In this post, Does Tattoo Removal Leave a Scar, you will learn about 16 Tips to prevent scarring after tattoo removal. One of the biggest concerns people have while researching laser tattoo removal is if it leaves a scar. Understand that no one achieves 100% removal.  There are many steps you can take before and after your tattoo removal session to increase your satisfaction and prevention of scars! Laser tattoo removal can be very effective and new laser technologies now leave minimal scarring.

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Prevent Tattoo Removal Scarring: Before Your Visit

Follow these tips to reducing scaring before your laser tattoo removal procedure.

1. Drink lots of water.

Having lot of water before/after your removal will help increase the speed of recovery.

2. Take your vitamins.

Vitamin E. They are just good to take! Vitamin E and Aloe helps with healing.

3. Lidocaine

Injected shots (with a needle) may increase the likelihood of scarring. Instead use icing or lidocaine cream to help.

4. Don’t Smoke.

The success of removing a tattoo after 10 treatments is reduced by 70% if you smoke! Do your skin and lungs a favor and quit smoking!

5. Get a Qualified Laser Tattoo Removal Technician.

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Prevent Scars: Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Follow these tips to reducing scaring after your laser tattoo removal procedure.

6. Apply Ointment three times a day.

This will increase the speed of healing and reduce scarring.

7. Take it easy the next day.

You don’t want anything to bump into your bandage!

8. Wash twice a day with mild soap and water.

Anti-bacterial soap can cause irritation and inflammation.

9. Always pat with a paper towel to dry, don’t rub.

Rubbing can cause the scabs to come off too early, causing your body to form a new scab. The healing process just became longer.

10. Change bandage and dressing after every wash.

This is for sanitation purposes.

11. Don’t pick at the scabs.

This causes scarring.

12. Don’t pop any blisters.

This also causes scarring!

13. Keep the tattoo out of the sun.

Keep the tattoo out of the sun, even after many weeks from your last tattoo removal session. The sun causes blistering quickly and increases the time of healing.

14. When in the sun, wear sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium dioxide to block against UVA and UVB rays. Wear sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher.

15. Wait at least six weeks between laser tattoo removal sessions.

Your body continues to digests the ink in the tattoo long after the laser zaps it. The longer you can wait, the better the results you will have!

16. Quit smoking!

Yes, its that important to mention twice!

Tattoo Removal Scarring


Written by Eric Zabinski
photo credit: dfrankg via photopin cc

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