Heidi Klum in 2008 made the mistake of getting a tattoo of her former husbands name “Seal” on her right forearm. In 2012 they broke up and in June of 2013 she started to get tattoo removal.

Originally published by DailyMail.co.uk, they captured images of her arm showing Heidi Klum’s tattoo a few years ago and compared them to now, while she’s under going tattoo removal treatments.

 Heidi Klum Tattoo Removal (Before & Now)

Heidi Klum and Seal Tattoo Before Heidi Klum Tattoo Removal

Supposedly Heidi Klum has been receiving tattoo removal treatments since June of 2013. As of the end of July that means she has maybe had 1 or 2 tattoo removal treatments. (They are typically scheduled 4-8 weeks apart.)

In our opinion, her tattoo removal progress is going quite well. Having only 1-2 treatments Heidi has significantly lightened her Seal tattoo. She may only need 1-3 treatments more for a near complete removal!

How can you get tattoo removal results like Heidi Klum?

1) Heidi could be under going R20 Tattoo Removal treatments for rapid tattoo removal essentially having 4 treatments in one sitting. Ask your tattoo removal provider if you are a candidate for R20.

2) She could be using the new PicoSure laser which significantly reduces the sessions needed for tattoo removal has it removes tattoos quicker than the today’s most common lasers. PicoSure lasers are very new and not widely available.

3) Black ink is by far the easiest color to remove in a tattoo. And likely due to her healthy lifestyle, her body can process the ink particles through her system rather quickly producing great tattoo removal results. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Smoking decreases the effectiveness of the laser and could result in more tattoo removal treatments.

Tattoo Removal Heidi Klum


Written by: Eric Zabinski

Photo Credit: DailyMail and Germany’s Next Top Model

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