In this post, “How Can I Get a Tattoo Removed” you will lean about 6 ways to remove a tattoo. There are many options in the market, including: tattoo cover-ups, tattoo removal creams, excisions, dermabrasion, IPL, and lasers for tattoo removal. Read on to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.


1. Tattoo Cover-Ups

Tattoo cover ups are best used when you want a tattoo, just not the specific tattoo you currently have. Tattoo cover ups are not easy to do. Seek a professional tattoo artist who is also an expert at tattoo cover ups. These highly skilled people will incorporate the current tattoo in a new piece of artwork. Some colors do not blend well, and if you already have another cover up (going for your 3rd tattoo) then it will create additional challenges.

Tattoo cover ups are usually the least amount of pain and are they effective at removing a tattoo that you no longer like or want changed at a reasonable price.

2. Tattoo Removal Creams

Let me save you the time and money and time and suggest not to use tattoo removal creams. Yes, they do a great job at marketing their products on TV and online claiming they work. The fact is that they do not work. At best, they will fade your skin/tattoo but it wont live up to your expectations.

These creams are not FDA approved. What does that mean? They may not be safe on your body and they are not proven to actually work.

The reason why tattoo removal creams do not work is because they use acids to fade the tattoo. The problem is that the creams do not penetrate to the 2nd layer of the skin, where the tattoo ink is stored, to make any significant changes.

Save your time and money and consider another technique.

3. Tattoo Removal Excisions

Tattoo removal excisions are great if you want a relatively small tattoo removed.

A cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon will cut the tattoo out of your body. Now this sounds painful, but they will numb the area so you feel less pain. The advantages to this technique is that for small tattoos, excisions can be done in one visit. This mean less trips to the doctor and usually cheaper than laser tattoo removal.

The disadvantage to excisions is they do leave scars. If you don’t like scars, then this isn’t the best option for you. Now scars do fade over time and plastic surgeons can make scars smaller. For lager tattoos, excisions can still be done, but they take chunks out over several visits.

An excision to remove a tattoo is the sure fire way to completely remove a tattoo; however, it’s usually replaced with a scar.

4. Dermabrasion

Enjoy rubbing your skin with sand paper? That’s essentially what a dermabrasion is to remove a tattoo. Similar results to tattoo removal creams, they’re not all that effective.  Again, this is because dermabrasion only remove the surface of the skin, not the 2nd layer where the tattoo ink was injected.

5. Tattoo Removal by IPL

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. This form of tattoo is not all that effective. It may lead to fading of the tattoo but it usually causes blistering, scaring, ink rejection and unhappy people. The collateral damage is too high when comparing pain to results.

An IPL is a form of light (not laser) that uses multiple wave lengths all at one time.

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6. Laser Tattoo Removal

How Can I Get a Tattoo RemovedHaving a laser remove a tattoo is the most effective way (next to excisions) to completely removing a tattoo. A laser penetrates the skin and targets the ink directly. The laser will break up the ink particles and then the body will digest the ink.  Laser tattoo removal take a long time to completely remove, don’t expect overnight results. Some patients see fading after 1 session, some see results after 3 sessions. Treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks a part from one another. This is because skin needs time to heal and your body takes time passing the ink particles through the body. If you schedule your sessions beyond 6 weeks that’s OK too, you can re-start your treatments at any time.

Treatment sessions start at $150 for a small tattoo and go up from their. The costs and number of sessions can vary depending on the size of the tattoo, quality of ink/tattoo, color of ink and skin, and type of laser being used. Q-Switch and YAG set the gold standard for laser removal.

I hope this post on “How Can I Get a Tattoo Removed” gives you the information you need to understand your options.

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