Is tattoo removal painful? It depends. DermBids (thats us!) asked around on twitter if people felt any pain or discomfort for their tattoo removal. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, certain lasers hurt less, and it also depends on where the tattoo is placed on your body. Your results will vary! Read on to learn what others had to say.

Tattoo Removal is NOT that Painful!

tattoo removal hurt pain

Tattoo Removal Hurt Pain

tattoo removal hurt pain

tattoo removal hurt pain not that bad


Tattoo Removal IS Painful!

tattoo removal hurt pain more than the first

tattoo removal hurt pain really bad

tattoo removal pain

Is Tattoo Removal Worth the Pain?

Everyone in this post that tweeted about tattoo removal being painful still thought it was worth undergoing more laser tattoo removal treatments. Before undergoing tattoo removal treatments there are questions you must ask yourself before you do it and there are ways to reduce tattoo removal pain.

tattoo removal pain worth embarrasement

Think of what you will gain when remove your unwanted tattoo

  • Removing a past memory or bad decision
  • Increase self confidence
  • Help you find a job
  • Room for another tattoo

Read about Mark and Sarah’s first tattoo removal experience and how

Tattoo Removal Painful


Written by: Eric Zabinski