In this post, Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cause Skin Cancer? We will answer this question with the help of reputable doctors from across the internet. Laser tattoo removal is a big step in your life and you should know all of the risks before you make any decision!

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The fact is, you are more likely (although low risk) to get skin cancer from the actual tattoo rather than laser tattoo removal.  How is this so? Because tattoo ink is not FDA regulated while laser tattoo machines are FDA regulated. Manufactures of tattoo ink do not disclose the chemicals and elements contained within their ink. To learn more about tattoo ink, read more from the FDA.

Lasers used for tattoo removal (q-switched and PicoSure) undergo vigorous testing to meet FDA regulations.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

There are risks associated with laser tattoo removal and only you can only determine if the risks outweigh the rewards. However, there is no link between cancer and laser tattoo removal! In fact, the FDA says laser tattoo removal is safe and does not cause skin cancer.

[pullquote]FDA clearance [for laser tattoo removal] means this method for removing tattoos complies with agency requirements for safety and effectiveness, according to FDA dermatologist Markham Luke, M.D.[/pullquote]


Doctor opinions on cancer and laser tattoo removal

Dr. Jayson Dupre from Health Tap says:

[pullquote]There is no data linking laser tattoo removal with cancer of any type and there is no reason to expect that this might occur. There are however risks associated with the treatment so be sure to only have this done by an expert in this area after a full consult and review of benefits and risks.[/pullquote]

Dr. Steven E. Zimmet from Health Tap says:
[pullquote]There are a variety of lasers in use today, used to remove tattoo ink, and to treat brown spots, spider veins, wrinkles, and skin tightening. Some lasers are useful to treat pre-cancerous lesions. These lasers do not increase the chance for cancer.[/pullquote]


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Written by Eric Zabinski