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Find the best price for tattoo removal

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Sarah Profile PictureI am truly, truly happy to have been set up with this clinic through DermBids. I actually had just come from a laser hair removal session at a different location, and I was so upset at how poorly I had been treated. It seems people don’t know the true meaning of customer service.

But walking in to Unink and being treated so well made my day instantly better.

Sarah C.

mark e headshotOne day while searching on google I came across DermBids. I thought the idea was brilliant and I send my tattoo picture right away. I also liked that there was a lot of good information about tattoo removal featured on their website. It was even easier than I thought. Later that day I received an email from DermBids asking about my budget. As I found out, DermBids would try to find places that would work within my budget which I thought was especially helpful.

DermBids definitely helped me streamline my search so I could find the right place for me. Mark E.

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal TestionialI contacted DermBids regarding two tattoos that I wanted to have removed. I submitted in my pictures, and within a day was contacted by someone at DermBids that they received my information and we working on it. As any consumer I have several questions for DermBids which I presented to them. Right away I got an answer, and on top of that living in the Tri-State area they accommodated me with areas I would be interested in for have my treatments done at. Overall, I am pleased with my first treatment session, and I am looking forward to healing and getting the second one started!


Anthony D

Find the best price for tattoo removal

Estimates by Taking a Picture

Get My Tattoo Removal Estimates Now!

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