Choosing between laser tattoo removal or a tattoo cover up is not an easy decision. Laser tattoo removal is great if you want to lighten or completely remove a tattoo. Tattoo cover ups are the best decision if you still want a tattoo. If you are caught in between, read this post below.

1. Do I want a tattoo (any tattoo) on that party of my body anymore?

If Yes – A tattoo cover up may be the best decision for you. [CAUTION] Tattoo removal cover ups take great skill to master by the tattoo artist. Make sure you ask your artist if they are good at performing cover ups and ask if you can see pictures or talk to references. The artist may request that you go through some laser tattoo removal treatments to lighten in the ink. This is done to have a better new design. Laser tattoo removal/lightening treatments may be anywhere from 1-4 sessions (or more depending on the ink color).

This risk is your tattoo cover up may not look the way you wanted it to. If you decide to go through with laser tattoo removal treatments after a cover up, you can expect more treatments because there is more ink in your skin. More sessions means more money!

If No – Then laser tattoo removal treatments may be best for you!

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2. Do I want a cover up because it’s cheaper than tattoo removal?

If Yes – As mentioned earlier, its really hard to pull off a great tattoo removal cover up. Tattoos are expensive, especially cover ups because the tattoos are typically larger and take more time.

Even though laser tattoo removal is more money the benefits can outweigh the cost. Such as increased confidence, clearing the skin for a completely new design, or completely remove an old memory from your body.

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If No – Then go for it! Tattoo cover up are great ways to modify/significantly change a tattoo!

3. Do I want a cover up because it will be less painful than laser tattoo removal?

If Yes – Does tattoo removal hurt? It’s is an ongoing debate. The consensus is that it is uncomfortable but so is getting a tattoo. However, there are ways and reduce the discomfort of laser tattoo removal. If you choose to get a cover up just because it’s less painful, you may still have regrets down the road and then it will only take longer to remove the tattoo.

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Cost of Tattoo Removal Cover Up

Written by: Eric Zabinski