Liposuction can boost your confidence. Self-esteem and confidence have long been linked to person’s body image. Your self-esteem has a direct effect on how you take care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

If you do not like your body, you tend to not nurture and care for yourself. Body weight and body fat are the most common characteristics people focus on when developing their body image. This focus can be more pronounced throughout aging, since body fat is difficult to lose and to keep off. While diet and exercise remain important parts of the fat reduction equation, people are increasingly turning to liposuction to transform their body image.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, or lipoplasty, is a process that removes excess fat deposits. The removal of these fatty deposits, and the resultant change in body contour, can lead to improved self-confidence and self-esteem. The basic liposuction procedure uses a metal tube, called a cannula, inserted into a small incision in the body area to be reduced. Once inserted into the incision, the cannula breaks up the fat deposits and those deposits are subsequently vacuumed out of the body. This basic process is typically completed as an outpatient procedure.

Types of Liposuction

Liposuction, however, comes in a various forms and the form used typically depends upon the body area targeted for transformation. For example, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) uses ultrasonic energy to transform the fat into an emulsion, which is then removed. This technique is best for large areas of fat deposits or when a previously treated area needs follow-up work. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) uses anesthetics injected into the area to be treated; the injection causes the fat to swell and firm up, and then a special vibrating cannula is used to break up the fat cells for removal. PAL has been touted for its results and ease of administration. Finally, there are laser-assisted procedures which tend to be less invasive than more traditional methods. In all these processes, the post-operational period is brief, with most patients back to normal activities within a week.

Liposuction is rising in popularity and is appropriate for many people. It is important to understand the processes available and to have realistic expectations. Liposuction is not a magic wand and it does not eliminate the need for proper diet and exercise. Consult with both your physician and a specialist to best understand what outcomes are likely with any procedure. Managing your expectations improves the likelihood of have an improved sense of self once the procedure is completed.

Liposuction Infographic

Liposuction Infographic

Liposuction and Confidence

The relationship between body image and self-esteem is well-known, but is surgery the answer? For some people, the answer appears to be clear. More specifically, a recent study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery supports the thesis that people who elect cosmetic liposuction have improvements in their post-operative life; over 85 percent of the participants in the study reported an improved sense of self-esteem after surgery. As noted earlier, an improvement in one’s self-esteem is typically accompanied by improved physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Liposuction is not a magic wand, but it can lead to changes in one’s quality of life and those changes are usually much more than simply cosmetic.

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