DermBids is going to try something new! We are going to host a live two way video webcast for our website viewers!


What: We will be hosting a live two way video webcast using a Google Hangout. You will get to see, meet, and talk to the laser technician and we will be able to see you!

When: Thursday August 1st at 7PM Central Time.

Who: We will have a certified laser technician that will be able to answer your questions!

Why: At DermBids, we write high quality articles on tattoo removal. A special thank you to all of the positive feedback. Keep those comments coming!

It’s time to change it up a bit and and make your questions more interactive and provide you immediate answers.  Think of this as a consultation visit before a consultation visit.

This will be our first live YouTube/Google Hangout, so anything can happen!

Cost: Free. Always.

What questions can I ask? 

  • Anything related to tattoo removal. You can ask the laser technician…
  • Can my tattoo be removed?
  • What colors are the easiest to remove?
  • Will there be scarring?
  • Does tattoo removal cream work?
  • Will it hurt?

How does registration work?

  • Enter your email below.
  • You will get an email from us inviting you to the webcast on Thursday August 1st @ 7pm central time.
  • On the webcast date, click the link to watch the webcast or participate and ask a question yourself!

Sign up now!

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Requirements: You will need to have a Google+ (plus) account to ask a question. You can get one at If you simply want to view the webcast, just enter your email above and we will send you the link to the live YouTube stream.

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