In this post you will read about Mark E.’s second laser tattoo removal session. He is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago that also fit his budget, simply by taking a picture of his tattoo. Mark will provide updates on his progress as he has more tattoo removal sessions! Read about Mark’s first and third tattoo removal session

It’s been a few weeks after my second treatment. I should mention the owner of Vamoose had called after the first treatment to clarify the frequencies of laser treatments. He explained that it takes at least 6 weeks for one’s body to keep removing the ink and it would not be anymore efficacious to do it more frequently and would result in costing me more money if I was to go in sooner. I was very happy he called to clarify and we changed from every four weeks to every six weeks.

How did your second treatment go?
I went into the second treatment like a pro. I wasn’t nervous like the last time; however, I was surprised that it hurt more than I remember the first time. This time they bumped up the laser intensity a bit, which in all honesty hurt worse than the first treatment, but I was still able to tolerate it.

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vamoose tattoo removal chicago mark second

How is it healing?
They kept asking if I was doing OK and able to tolerate it. They do try to make it as comfortable as possible. The second treatment did seem to go by much quicker. After the treatment I iced my arm quite liberally. It really helps a lot. I did notice some blistering later in the week.

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I didn’t mess with it and it cleared up by the second week post treatment and now my arm looks back to normal. As for results, I don’t notice any huge differences. It does appear that the reds are slightly lighter and the black ink in a few areas seems to be lightening up.

vamoose tattoo removal second treatment mark

Its not a huge difference, but when I compare the color to my other tattoo it seems more noticeable. I’m happy to notice any difference after a couple treatments.

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I know its going to be a long process and I’m hopeful that I will continue to notice more fading as I receive more treatments.

Cost of Tattoo Removal

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Mark lives near Chicago Illinois. Please comment below to reach him!