Nicole Richie had a consultation visit at a tattoo removal clinic to remove her tramp stamp. She documented her consultation visit with the video below. Although Nicole is very funny asking questions to the doctor, she does have some valid concerns about tattoo removal!

In this post, DermBids will provide a response to some of Nicole Richie’s questions and concerns related to removing her tramp stamp.

Meaning of Tramp Stamp

quote-startThe first [tattoo] I got was in a room inside of a garage and the guy actually took out a gun and asked my friend to hold it while he tattoo’d me. I was 14 and I got a Chinese “love” symbol. quote-end

Most state laws requires people to be 18 years old to get a tattoo. Amateur tattoo artists just starting out and learning the craft will often give free tattoos away, so they can practice on a real person.

Amateur tattoos are usually easier to remove because they have less ink in the tattoo and the ink does not penetrate as far into the skin as a professional tattoo.

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quote-startI’m a lighted skinned for a black person which I am, but in the regular world I’m olive skinquote-end

Tattoos can be removed on all skin types but the easiest skin to remove is black ink and white skin. Olive and black skin contain more of the same color pigment that tattoo’s contain, therefore olive and darker skinned people will require more tattoo removal sessions.

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quote-startDoes it hurt?quote-end

Laser tattoo removal does have discomfort. Granted everyone has a different pain tollerance. The best comparison is laser tattoo removal feels like grease splattering on the skin or a rubber band being snapped. There are techniques to relieve the pain so it doesn’t hurt as much.

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quote-start… Tattoo removal session every 8 weeks… a year to remove! quote-end

Laser tattoo removal does take a significant amount of time. Sessions are scheduled every 4-8 weeks a part. Results do not show immediately after the laser session. The body needs to process the laser breaking up the ink particles. Results continue to improve weeks after the laser tattoo removal session so it’s actually in your best interest to schedule your sessions 6-8 weeks apart.

There is a new method of tattoo removal called “R20” which drastically reduces the time it takes to remove a tattoo.

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