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All of our approved laser tattoo removal providers are clean, friendly, and trustworthy. We only do business with doctors, medical spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists that we’d send our own mothers to. All of our tattoo removal providers are pre-screened and continuously reviewed for quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Under our zero-tolerance policy, any provider that tries to pull a fast one or performs sub-par work is cut from our network.

They Perform Exceptional Work

Each laser tattoo removal provider meets or exceeds the highest industry standards and employs certified laser technicians or MDs.

They Honor Your Estimates

The estimate you select is the price you will pay. Period. Any place that charges a different price from that of its original estimate violates our zero-tolerance policy and will be permanently removed form our network.

They Get You A Fair Price

Tattoo removal providers are like hotel rooms. A low price doesn’t mean a low quality removal. It means it either has extra availability and would rather charge a customer less than have no customer at all. Our personal concierge is available to guide you in the right direction so you get the highest quality service at the best price.

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