In this post, you will read about Anthony D.’s 2nd PicoSure laser tattoo removal session. Anthony is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find a PicoSure tattoo removal provider in New York/New Jersey that also fit his budget. Anthony was able to compare PicoSure estimates from local providers for his tattoo by sending a picture of his tattoo to DermBids.  Anthony will provide blog updates on his progress as he has more PicoSure tattoo removal sessions! Catch up on Anthony’s first and third PicoSure laser treatment.  

PicoSure Before / After 2nd Treatment

PicoSure Review Laser Tattoo Removal

[pullquote]My next appointment is in the beginning of March and I am already looking forward to it.[/pullquote]

I’m about 9 weeks into my treatments, and the tattoos have started to fade like the said they would. I was pleasantly surprised with the results from just one session. Going into my second session and knowing what to expect, I was more at ease and knew that it would be over in no time. Due to schedule conflicts [because of bad weather], I was treated by a different doctor today than who treated me the first time.

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When he viewed my before pictures and saw the progress made to date, he was very happy with the results. This time around I did ask for the numbing cream before he started. They applied the numbing cream and let it set for about 20 min to ensure that the area was indeed numb. Although, I would not say numb all together (like when you got to the dentist), however, it did help some.

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PicoSure Before and During 2nd Treatment

Anthony Second Session 2nd tattoo

The procedure went quicker than my first session to my surprise. Throughout the session, they kept me talking which took the thought away from the pain. They made sure that I was ok, and asked if I needed a break which I declined. Overall, I rate my second session an 8 out of 10. I did have to wait about 30-40 minutes until the machine warmed up and did its self-diagnostic test, as they did not use it for the entire day. Once the machine warmed up and they started, I was out in about 10 minutes.

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Next PicoSure Appointment

My next appointment is in the beginning of March and I am already looking forward to it. Once you see the progress that you make it just make you want to go as soon as you heal. I was healed within 4-5 weeks from my first session, however, with the additional time my tattoos faded more as they said they would.

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Now comes the time for ointment cream and bandages. Stay tuned for my third session blog and pics after I heal.

Anthony lives in New Jersey and is going to be a police officer. You can tweet him at @ANT0281

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