In this post, you will read about Anthony D.’s 2nd PicoSure laser tattoo removal session. Anthony is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find a PicoSure tattoo removal provider in New York/New Jersey that also fit his budget. Anthony was able to compare PicoSure estimates from local providers for his tattoo by sending a picture of his tattoo to DermBids.  Anthony will provide blog updates on his progress as he has more PicoSure tattoo removal sessions! Catch up on Anthony’s 1st and 2nd PicoSure laser treatment.  

I had my 3rd treatment yesterday. WOW! Did this one hurt!! Dr. del Vecchio turned up the number of pulses on this treatment so we can stay in line with my treatment schedule of 3-5 sessions. I opted not to go with the numbing ointment this time around, and I think I seriously made a mistake. Since the pulses were higher, it hurt a lot more. I did have to ask twice for her to stop so I could rest and let the pain subside. Resting time was only 15-20 seconds. Overall, the session lasted 30 min and was rather quick. She did give me a prescription for numbing cream, and I will be sure to put it on before my next treatment!

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any before pics this time, but as you can see my treatment pics, she got me good. She said that I will definitely see a difference once these heal, and for my next session she has a few tricks up her sleeve to speed up the process (hopefully).

When I took off my bandages this morning, I did not expect to see what I saw. My previous treatments were a bit lighter and did not have such an effect on me as this one. As you see the blistering and redness is greater, but the comfort level is better. Dr. del Vecciho told me that when you see more blistering it not only means that your skin has been lasered, but it also means that the ink is breaking up from the treatment which is a good sign.

My 4th session is at the end of April, and again I am eager for this to heal so I can see the results. Although, this hurts worse than actually getting a tattoo, the end product will be better!

Anthony lives in New Jersey and is going to be a police officer. You can tweet him at @ANT0281

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