In this post, you will read about Anthony D.’s first PicoSure laser tattoo removal session. Anthony is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find a PicoSure tattoo removal provider in New York/New Jersey that fit his budget. All he had to do was take a picture of his tattoo and DermBids did the rest. Anthony will provide blog updates on his progress as he has more PicoSure tattoo removal sessions! UPDATE: Read about Anthony’s 2nd and 3rd PicoSure session and watch the tattoo fade!

Before PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

PicoSure Laser Review Before

I contacted DermBids regarding two tattoos that I wanted to have removed. I submitted in my pictures, and within a day was contacted by someone at DermBids that they received my information and we working on it. As any consumer I have several questions for DermBids which I presented to them. Right away I got an answer, and on top of that living in the Tri-State area they accommodated me with areas I would be interested in for have my treatments done at.

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I did recommend a place that I found very good reviews on in a town not too far from me, and we were able to get a quote from them. I essentially went with this place [New Jersey Plastic Surgery] due to the cost, and stellar reviews.

I had my first treatment session on both of my tattoos yesterday (11/7/13). When walking into the facility, I was immediately greeted and shown attention to. I pre-filled out the needed paperwork online, so when I arrived I was brought into the room where I met Dr. del Vecchio who was going to do my treatments. Dr. del Vecciho looked at my two tattoos and explained the procedure to me thoroughly, and answered all my questions that I had before she started.

PicoSure Testimonial Review

Dr. del Vecciho uses PicoSure which is the newest technology out there for tattoo removal. She explained that unlike the Q-switched machines, PicoSure cuts down the amount of treatment sessions, as it the newest and latest technology.

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It breaks down the ink within the tattoo differently than the Q-Switched machine does. While she said she primarily uses the PicoSure machine, she will also use the Q-Switched machine depending on how the removal process is coming along. Both machines primarily do the same thing; however, they break the ink down differently. Doing my research on both machines prior to getting this done, I found this to be true and do not have an issue with it.

As we started the treatment, Dr. del Vecchio did a test to show me how the laser treatment felt. To be honest it was not the best feeling and did hurt a bit. When I asked her to stop she did and resumed a few seconds later.

After PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

PicoSure After Photo

This definitely hurts MORE than getting an actual tattoo granted they did not give me any numbing cream. I do think I will ask for it the second time around. The treatment for both tattoos was rather quick and I was out within 20 minutes.

Overall, I am pleased with my first treatment session, and I am looking forward to healing and getting the second one started! These two tattoos were like many young 18 year olds mistakes, which I can guarantee will never happen again.

UPDATE:  Read about Anthony’s 2nd PicoSure session and watch the tattoo fade!

Anthony lives in New Jersey and is going to be a police officer. You can tweet him at @ANT0281


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