R20 Tattoo Removal In this post, you will lean about the R20 Tattoo Removal method. This technique is a new way of laser tattoo removal that decreases the amount of sessions and overall time it takes for your tattoo to be eliminated.

Tattoo Removal

Do you need your tattoo removed now? Maybe you just got engaged and want your tattoo removed before the wedding day or you’re trying to remove your tattoo to get a job. The point here is that you need your tattoo removed quickly and you don’t have time for conventional laser tattoo removal.

The conventional laser tattoo removal method uses a single pass of the laser over the tattoo. Every 4-6 weeks you go back and to get another session. The disadvantage to this conventional technique is the amount of time it takes to remove the tattoo. This “single-pass method” could have a minimum of 6 sessions. Do the math that’s a minimum of 6 months to remove a tattoo (best case scenario). That’s a long time to wait when looking for a job.

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There is good news! The American Academy of Dermatology has conducted an R20 tattoo removal study and it confirms that it will reduce your tattoo removal duration by 4x for black ink tattoos, reducing the visibility of the tattoo 50%-85% in just one session!

What is R20 Tattoo Removal?

The “R” stands for Repeating or Rapid while the “20 “stands for 20 minutes. The R20 Method will do a single pass of the laser every 20 minutes, up to 4 passes. This is essentially 4 removal treatments in crammed into one session. A 20 minute wait period is required because each pass of the laser produces very small nitrogen bubbles that looks like frost on top of the tattoo. The laser cannot penetrate through this frost until approximately 20 minutes later, another session can be conducted.

R20 Laser Tatoo Removal Method

R20 Tattoo Removal Costs: Lets do the math.

The costs of an R20 treatment will vary depending on the size of the tattoo, ink color/depth, and skin type.

Lets illustrate best case scenario.

The chart below (click to enlarge) assumes the following:

  • Tattoo is all black on fair skin
  • It’s 2 square inches in size placed on upper back
  • Tattoo was conducted by a professional tattoo artist
  • The tattoo removal clinic is charging $100 a conventional laser pass / $400 for single R20 treatment, containing 4 laser passes
  • Each appointment is scheduled 6 weeks apart
R20 Method Benefits


Stay tuned for next week’s blog post! In the second half of  R20 Tattoo Removal: Everything You Need to Know Part 2, you will learn about the discomfort related to the R20 Tattoo Removal method, post treatment experience, along with great pictures and videos!

R20 Tattoo Removal Cost


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