In Part 2 of “R20 Tattoo Removal: Everything You Need to Know” you will learn if R20 Tattoo Removal hurt’s more/less than the conventional laser tattoo removal, treatment before/after removal, and R20 tattoo removal results.

In R20 Tattoo Removal | Part 1  we explained what “R20” means, compared R20 method to the conventional method of laser tattoo removal, showed the time and cost benefit of the R20 method of tattoo removal.

R20  is a new technique of laser tattoo removal that decreases the amount of sessions and overall time it takes for your tattoo to be eliminated.

R20 Tattoo Removal: Does it hurt more than the conventional method?

This depends on a couple factors.

  • Your pain tolerance.
  • Local anesthetic used to decrease the pain of your tattoo removal. Look into using a lidocaine cream or shot as this can reduce the pain of your removal. Beware lidocaine shots may increase the potential of tattoo removal scarring.
  •  Ice packs can be used to freeze the area before each pass of the laser. Patients have had good experience using ice packs.
  • Newer Q-Switched tattoo removal laser blow cold air into the skin while the laser is in use.

Make sure you ask the doctor or laser technician what techniques are available to you to help increase comfort. These pain reducers may not be free so make sure you ask what’s included and what is extra!

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It is reported that R20 Tattoo removal hurts the same, more, or even less than the conventional way. Your 4th pass of the laser may have the least amount of pain, or the most.

How fast is a single pass of a laser?

Good question. A single pass of a laser takes only a few seconds! Watch this video to see it in action.


R20 Tattoo Removal: What do I do afterwards? 

After your treatment you can go back to normal daily activity. The best thing to do is keep it easy for a day or two. Keep your bandage clean and dry. Be sure to clean it a couple times a day with soap and water. Pat gently to dry.  Stay out of the sun and tanning beds as this can increase blistering. You’ll want to stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen as they may cause bruising. Tylenol is OK to use.

R20 Tattoo Removal Results

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