A reader of our blog sent us an email asking a question that we have not discussed yet. Her question is “Is it safe to use tattoo removal cream before laser removal?” We answered her question and we thought we’d share our response with you!

Tattoo Removal

Immediately after reader her question we had some additional follow up questions to her email. Is she wanting to the answer to her question because she is…

  • Using tattoo removal cream for weeks/months before her laser treatments as a way to have less overall tattoo laser sessions?
  • Wanting to use a tattoo removal cream immediately before her laser session as way have her laser sessions more effective?

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Tattoo removal creams contain chemicals such as Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and TCA. These chemicals are intended to dissolve the tattoo from the skin. The problem is, they are very very dangerous. At best, they may fade a tattoo but they won’t provide you a complete removal.

Tattoo removal creams can lead to chemical burns, scarring, scabs, hyper/hypo-pigmentation and blistering.

So to answer the question, Is it safe to use tattoo removal cream before laser removal? the answer is no!

In both scenarios we gave, laser tattoo removal cream/acid should not be used. Not months before your removal nor immediately before.

If you have used tattoo removal cream/acid and realized they havent worked and now you want to have laser treatments, that is ok to do. You are still a laser tattoo removal candidate!

When you schedule a visit with your tattoo removal provider they will review the condition of your skin. Always tell them that you’ve tried creams/acids. If there are recent burns, blisters, scabs they will not likely use the laser on you until your skin is completely healed.

Tattoo Removal

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Written by Eric Zabinski

photo credit: howzey via photopin cc