The cost of laser tattoo removal is expensive. You may have done some research on the cost or maybe you’ve had a consultation visit and you need more time to think about it. These cost saving tips mentioned below will help you find small ways that could make a big difference to help bring down the cost of laser tattoo removal.

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Tattoo Removal Cost Reduction Tips

1. During the winter months, tattoo removal demand is lower than summer months, therefore tattoo removal providers want more business! Ask your tattoo removal provider if they offer a winter/seasonal discount for lower tattoo removal payments.

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2. Consider getting your tattoo removed at a tattoo removal clinic as opposed to a dermatologist office. Dermatologist offices are the most expensive. Tattoo removal clinics usually have more experience than a doctor’s office because laser tattoo removal is what they do all day long!

3. Buy laser tattoo removal sessions in a package, this will lower your per session cost and overall tattoo removal cost.

4. Tattoo removal providers are usually slow during the week as opposed to the weekend. Ask your tattoo removal provider if they offer weekday discounts.

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5. Tattoo removal providers are usually slow during the mornings. Ask your tattoo removal provider if they offer morning discounts.

6.  Remove your tattoo with a PicoSure laser instead of q-switched laser. A PicoSure is the latest innovation for tattoo removal. Individual sessions are expensive, but they usually require less individual sessions. This might be best if you have blues, greens and blacks in your tattoo. If you don’t, this may not be the best option.

7.  Remove your tattoo with a q-switched laser. Q-switched lasers are the most common laser. Most tattoo removal providers use this type of laser. This is the best option if you want the lowest tattoo removal cost per session.


Tattoo removal payment is usually paid at the end of each visit. Your tattoo may cost $1,000 but it could be spread out over 10 sessions (the average amount sessions needed for removal) at $100/per visit.

Tattoo Removal Cost


Written by: Eric Zabinski
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