In this post you will read about Sarah C.’s first laser tattoo removal session. She is an actual DermBids user. We helped her find the best tattoo removal clinic in Dallas that fit her budget, just by taking a picture of her tattoo. Sarah will provide blog updates on her progress as she has more tattoo removal sessions!

I went in to Unink Tattoo Removal in Dallas on 4/26/13 to get my stupid tattoo removed. I was definitely nervous. More nervous than actually getting the tattoo 7 months prior. As any young person, we make mistakes. I made a huge one getting a tattoo of a heart, of my then girlfriend with her name on it. To make it more “meaningful”, I got it on my chest! I didn’t get it too big, it actually measures 1″ long, and 1″ wide. It is purple with the words “Sedi” in black.

 Tattoo Removal Testimonial

So, I arrive at the tattoo removal clinic and it was very clean, cute, modern and two kind ladies greeted me. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how it would feel getting it actually removed. Nonetheless, I still needed to get a consultation to see how many sessions it would be, and if they would charge me the quote they gave DermBids. I filled out a few basic questions and then I was taken to a consultation room by one of the techs. She was really sweet and good at making me feel comfortable.

I had my mother and 3 year old niece with me and she was nice to them, offering them a drink and making my mom feel included in the conversation and the process. My mom had a few questions and she answered them well to where we didn’t have to ask the same questions in 4 different ways. She was knowledgeable and kind – which is extremely important to me when deciding who I want to use or do “business” – (for lack of a better word) with.

She told me how many sessions I would need to remove my tattoo and I didn’t really understand why I needed so many, but she explained about the color and pigmentation. I agreed to get it done by Unink for many reasons. For one, I am tired of looking at that darn thing on my chest every day, but also because they were helpful and really good at helping me understand everything.

After talking about the price, in which they did honor their quote from DermBids, I had to ice it for a little to cool down the skin and prepare it for the laser. I wasn’t so nervous until the techs came into the room and started handing me the protective eye wear. I was scared it was going to hurt a lot more than actually getting the tattoo. My hands were sweaty and she waited to start until I was ready. She didn’t rush me into the process and made me feel comfortable. So, after about 10 seconds, it was over! I felt silly after because it didn’t hurt as bad as everyone makes it out to be. There was a little pain, like a zap. Or like getting the tattoo actually. But it wasn’t unbearable.

Tattoo Removal Before After Session Update

I bought their healing kit and I was also given a folder with some instructions. I left the bandage on for about 24 hours after. I showered with it as well but I realized it was itchy and I probably need to take off the bandage to add some healing gel to it. It doesn’t hurt at all, but there is some slight itching. Kind of how it feels after you get a new tattoo and a few days later it starts peeling.

I was hoping to see that it was faded a little… but that’s just me being impatient and wanting fast results. I am happy I chose them – or better yet, I am glad DermBids helped me in finding them and making this process easy and not time consuming at all. I look forward to getting rid of this tattoo, the only thing I dislike, is the having to wait 8 weeks for each session. But they told me why it was necessary, and I’d rather wait 8 weeks than having ugly scar tissue with blisters.

I am happy with both DermBids, and Unink. I have already mentioned them to my aunt who also wants to get her tattoos removed. Thank you DermBids!

Update June 26th 2013: Read Sarah’s 2nd Tattoo Removal Session

Tattoo Removal Session

Sarah lives near Dallas Texas and loves drinking Starbucks. You can comment below to reach her!

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