In this post, you will read about Sarah C.’s second laser tattoo removal session.  She is an actual DermBids user. We helped her find the best tattoo removal clinic in Dallas that fit her budget, just by taking a picture of her tattoo. Sarah will provide blog updates on her progress as she has more tattoo removal sessions! You can read Sarah’s post on her first laser tattoo removal session, third and fourth.

On Friday, June 21, I went in for my second tattoo removal session at Unink in Dallas. I wasn’t too nervous about it since my first session wasn’t too bad with the pain level. I went in and was greeted by the clinical director (I cant remember her name), she was on a call and told me to give her just a few minutes while she entered the information into her computer. She checked me in right away when she was done and took me back to the waiting room, took a “before” picture and gave me some ice to cool the area for a bit, she was kind enough to offer me a drink while I waited and watched a movie they had on.

Tattoo Removal Testimonial

After about 5-7 minutes she came back and took me to the room where the procedure would be done. And she talked to me a little bit about the procedure that I first had and she said they were a little aggressive with the laser and she definitely noticed a difference from when I first went in. I told her I couldn’t really tell and she explained to me how the purple in my tattoo had a little black in it as well and it was definitely a lighter color. Then it was finally time for this second session…

I started feeling my nerves kick in! She said she would do it a little more aggressively than the first time, and explained about the possible change in pigmentation since I have darker skin color. I’m definitely glad she told me about the possibility of the change in my skin tone, rather than me seeing it a few weeks later and freaking out. She also made sure to let me know it was only a temporary thing if any. So, its finally time to do this thing again…

Happy Tattoo Removal Customer

This one was a bit more painful than the first, just because the power of the laser was raised, but it was fast and I was glad it was over with! She did the usual of icing it briefly and adding some ointment to it and bandaging me up well.

Once I was checking out, she showed me before and after pictures from 8 weeks prior, and that day. I did see the difference! I was glad to see it had lightened up and this would all be worth it in the end. There was a bit of a misunderstanding on the payment process, but she was kind and worked something out with me to where I didn’t feel pressured into doing something I was uncomfortable with, and rather what was reasonable and affordable to me.

I am truly, truly happy to have been set up with this clinic through DermBids. I actually had just come from a laser hair removal session at a different location, and I was so upset at how poorly I had been treated. It seems people don’t know the true meaning of customer service.

But walking in to Unink and being treated so well made my day instantly better.

Laser tattoo removal session 2

Its been a few days since my session, it’s a little sore, and scabbing but I am looking forward to getting this removed and getting the great service I have received from Unink. I have spread the word about Dermbids to some of my close friends and even some followers on Twitter.

Tattoo Removal Unink

If I am beyond happy with both DermBids and Unink, I know everyone will be too!

Thank you again Dermbids!

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Sarah lives near Dallas Texas and loves drinking Starbucks. You can comment below to reach her!

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