In this post, you will read about Sarah C.’s third laser tattoo removal session.  She is an actual DermBids user. We helped her find the best tattoo removal clinic in Dallas that fit her budget, just by taking a picture of her tattoo. Sarah will provide blog updates on her progress as she has more tattoo removal sessions! You can read Sarah’s post on her first laser tattoo removal session  second and fourth.

I just had my 3rd tattoo removal session! I went in to Unink in Dallas, on Friday August 30, and was treated amazing once again! I got there a few minutes late, and the young girl at the front was nice enough to move my appointment down a slot, so I wouldn’t show as late, just as a reschedule. I was greeted by two lovely ladies, Melinda and I’m not sure what the other girls name was *:( sad but nonetheless, they were both cheerful! We shared some laughs, and some jokes while I was handed the ice to place on my tattoo before the procedure. As usual, they took me into their waiting lounge which is nicely put together with beautiful furniture and a large t.v. where they play a movie for you while you wait and ice down the tattoo.

Tatttoo Removal Testimonal Unink

And finally, it was time once again, to getting one step closer in getting rid of this thing. The tech asked how I was feeling, made nice conversation to ease my mind and she handed me a stress ball to squeeze in case I needed too. She handed me my protective wear, and told me to use the ball if I needed too, but she wasn’t sure what the pain level would be like.

The removal process was short and fast, and surprisingly, not painful!

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Now, the time before, that one was a little painful, it bled and was sore but luckily didn’t blister. My tattoo is obviously simple, and small, but has dark color in it, and even after my first session, I could already see a difference – a small one, but a difference.

I’m 3 sessions in, and I can see the difference I need to see to not be discouraged about this process. I was having a rough day already with the stress of school and traffic making me late, (I HATE being late) but having cheerful, respectful and kind people to make you smile, is sometimes all one person needs to change the route of their bad day.

Tattoo Removal Unink Session Testimonial

This is the second time in a row, I have been treated so well by Unink, that my bad day, became a good one.I am constantly tweeting about Dermbids to my friends and followers, to reach out to them.

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Its easy, hassle-free, and convenient! Words cant express how grateful I am that they took time out of their day to help me, and make this easy for me. I am always on the go, and I would’ve never had time to call or visit different clinics to get quotes and having Dermbids help was one of the best decisions I have made.

Tattoo Removal Mistake Unink Session

My tattoo has a name on it (not mine), and getting this mistake off is worth every dollar, and time I am spending on it. No more embarrassing stories!

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Now, on the “after” photo, its a little bruised and has some scabs, but you can already see the name fading and that has me super excited! I am excited for this journey, and I am excited to share it with you guys!

Sarah lives near Dallas Texas and loves drinking Starbucks. You can comment below to reach her!

Tattoo Removal Painful

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