In this post, you will read about Sarah C.’s fourth laser tattoo removal session.  She is an actual DermBids user. We helped her find the best tattoo removal clinic in Dallas that fit her budget, just by taking a picture of her tattoo. Sarah will provide blog updates on her progress as she has more tattoo removal sessions! You can read Sarah’s post on her firstsecond  and third tattoo removal session.

I had my fourth session with Unink in Dallas, on Friday, November the 1st and of course I was excited! I wasn’t as nervous since I had been a few times already and I knew what it would be like this time around. I see the difference in the tattoo already and it just makes me so excited to get it completely removed.

Tattoo Removal Picture Before

Tattoo Removal Before

As always the staff was wonderful, iced the area for a bit and made me feel comfortable. After about 15 minutes of icing, it was that time again! The tech told me she was going to do it twice – I was like “Wait, what do you mean twice?!” She just smiled and said just to get a little deeper in, and I was all for it! She went over the tattoo twice, it hurt a little, nothing I cant stand and it was over in less than 30 seconds.

During Tattoo Removal

During Tattoo Removal

I guess having such a small yet ridiculous piece makes it a little easier to tolerate. It was white and she said that was a good sign and I was happy to hear that. She put some ointment and bandaged me up and I was on my way!

Although having to get this tattoo removed has been what seems like a nightmare… it really isn’t. I love going to them. They are so kind, so friendly and always beyond nice to me. The modern office, the great movies they have showing, the wonderful drinks they offer just make it so much easier and exciting – a wonderful experience.

[pullquote]I feel like I can never say thank you enough to Dermbids. [/pullquote]

I say it in every post I write, but I will forever feel grateful to Dermbids for doing such an outstanding job at finding me an amazing clinic, at such an amazing price that I was comfortable with.

After I remove the bandage its obviously swollen and red with a scab & people always ask if I just had it done, and I love telling them “No, I’m taking it off!” They’ll start to ask why (can we say embarrassing?), how did I find the clinic, is it expensive, is it painful…etc. I am always honest, yes, it can be painful, it can be pricey, and finding a great clinic can be hard, BUT, if they are really wanting to find a great clinic, at an affordable price, they have to go through Dermbids. I mean, there’s no way they’d find a better deal on their own or even a “coupon” on a social website. I’ve gone to a few spa’s and clinics and I have never had an amazing experience like I have had because of Dermbids.

After Tattoo Removal

After Tattoo Removal

Now, as you can see in the pictures, it’s still a scab even after 5 days, but just the little pieces that you can see behind the scab look amazing! I am so happy, so excited for this to be gone and I’m not even halfway through all of my sessions and I can see a HUGE difference!!

Once again, thank you Dermbids!!

Sarah lives near Dallas Texas and loves drinking Starbucks. You can comment below to reach her!

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