In this post you will read about Mark E.’s third laser tattoo removal session. He is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago that also fit his budget, simply by taking a picture of his tattoo. Mark will provide updates on his progress as he has more tattoo removal sessions! Read about Mark’s first and second tattoo removal session.

I went for my third treatment a little over 3 weeks ago. The laser was bumped up again and it hurt. I asked for some numbing cream to try for the next treatment. I’ll let you know afterwards if it makes much of a difference.

Since the laser was bumped up I noticed more swelling and blistering than I’ve had from the previous two treatments. I was aggressive with applying ice to keep the swelling down, I took Tylenol for the first couple days and this time I tried some aloe with lidocaine (the same used for sunburns) which seemed to help a little.

As far as results, I was told the black colors would start to fade first, but I’ve noticed a bigger difference with the reds and oranges than black. So far everything just looks a little lighter. I think the red in the rose petals has maybe started to recede slightly, but other than that no remarkable fading since my skin has healed up after the third treatment.

As happy as I am to notice the tattoo getting lighter, I must admit I was hoping for a little better response by now. I understand this is going to be a long process I just hope its not longer that what was estimated.

I was concerned with the cost of tattoo removal from the start, but given the pain involved and the number of treatments required, I’ve been wondering if the higher upfront cost of a Picosure laser would be more cost effective in the long run.

Dermbids gave me a quote of a place near Chicago with Picosure so its something I will consider if my tattoo doesn’t seem like it will be gone in time. Anyways I think it’s too early to say and I want to see how my tattoo responds after a few more treatments with the Q-switch laser first.

Cost of Tattoo Removal

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Mark lives near Chicago Illinois. Please comment below to reach him!