I n this post, you will read about Mark E.’s fourth laser tattoo removal session. He is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago that also fit his budget, simply by taking a picture of his tattoo. Mark will provide updates on his progress as he has more tattoo removal sessions! Read about Mark’s first second and third tattoo removal session.

I went for my 4th laser session (at Vamoose Tattoo Removal in Chicago) about three weeks ago. I was told that they were hoping my red would be gone by now. It’s definitely lighter and starting to recede some, but still very much there. We decided to bump up the laser again.

Tattoo Removal Pain Reducer

This time I had tried applying lidocaine ointment an hour before the session. It still hurt, but I think it helped to take the edge off. Afterwards some A&D ointment was applied and my arm was wrapped in plastic. This was a HUGE help with healing and it especially helped prevent excessive friction since I started wearing long-sleeves with the cold weather. I should have been doing this the whole time.

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Tattoo Removal Aftercare

I was worried about swelling because the previous treatment left my arm looking like a mutant, but this time I was even more aggressive with icing, elevation, and I took ibuprofen around the clock for three days. My arm didn’t swell nearly as much as the last time.

Mark 4th session vamoose tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Results

Regarding the results, the tattoo looks lighter everywhere. Its hard to see a dramatic difference with me looking at it everyday, but it’s noticeably lighter compared to baseline. The red seems still be the most dramatic of the colors and it does recede a bit more with each treatment. Even though the fading is much slower than I’d like, it’s good to see some progress. I just need to be patient.

Mark lives near Chicago Illinois. Please comment below to ask him any questions! 

Cost of Tattoo Removal

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