I n this post, you will read about Mark E.’s 5th laser tattoo removal session. He is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago that also fit his budget, simply by taking a picture of his tattoo. Mark will provide updates on his progress as he has more tattoo removal sessions! Read about Mark’s first second , third, and 4th tattoo removal session.

I don’t have much to add for a blog post for the 5th treatment, but I did want to give you an update. I’ve attached a picture, but theres not much to talk about. It looks like maybe a little more red has faded, but not much. Overall, it still looks about the same. I paid for 6 treatment sessions and my 6th one will be tomorrow. I’m thinking of trying picosure after this last treatment. I’ll probably go the the place you had quoted me in Oakbrook IL unless you are working with new places, since you initially gave me that quote, that can offer a more competitive price for picosure.


Mark lives near Chicago Illinois. Please comment below to ask him any questions! 

Cost of Tattoo Removal

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