I n this post, you will read about Mark E.’s 6th laser tattoo removal session. He is an actual DermBids user. We helped him find the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago that also fit his budget, simply by taking a picture of his tattoo. Mark will provide updates on his progress as he has more tattoo removal sessions! Read about Mark’s first second , third, and fourth and 5th tattoo removal session.

As you can see it has faded some from when I first started, but it still looks like it has a long way to go before fading entirely. I knew this would be a timely process, but from my first consult I was expecting maybe 10-15 treatments. After 6 treatments I have a better idea of the time it may ultimately take. Given the amount of time it has already taken and considering I still have another tattoo I need to remove, I have decided to give PicoSure a try. I know it is much more expensive up front, but have read some pretty remarkable things. I was hoping to have both tattoos gone within a couple years and I’m hoping a PicoSure laser could make that happen. I’m plan to schedule something in about a month.

Skull tat 6th session Large

Thanks so much for all your help.

View a larger image of Mark’s 6th by clicking the picture

Mark lives near Chicago Illinois. Please comment below to ask him any questions! 

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